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Authentic Thai Cuisine in Seattle

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

The number of Thai restaurant that opened in Seattle has increasingly surprise in Seattle. As Thai cuisine has become popular in USA, we are start to worries as we work in various Thai restaurants in USA that began to cut corner in food preparation. As a Thai culinary we start to worries to see that customers began to believe on those restaurants that try to cater to customers palette by using substitute ingredients such as ketchup in Pad Thai sauce instead of Tamarind paste, white sugar instead of palm sugar etc.,

Pad Thai Lobster

Did you know that you would think your favorite Thai restaurant that you go to are real? I'm not telling you to not go back there but this was the reason why we decided to open Basilic Essentially Thai. Me and my partner has been talking about his for years about how our country food has become influences by cheaper ingredients to just cut the preparation costs? We as a Thai chef couldn't think that way at all.

There are imported ingredients available in Seattle but the price are higher. For us it's all worth to stay authentic in flavor, even though our food cost will be higher. As we went cook in Thai restaurant before but we wouldn't eat the food there. We all came home and cooked at our home because we craved for the original flavor.

Therefore, we opened Basilic Essentially Thai six month ago with our family long time recipes from Northern Thai province. We already know what do we have to face with the customers those who get use to taste Thai food from other Thai restaurants all over USA. We feel that we are under dog restaurant newly open, but we do believe that what we think is the right thing to preserve our Thai food culture.. So we started to use local ingredients from local market such as Seafood, Free range chicken, Kurobuta Pork, Angus beef combine with imported ingredients from Asia to create Quality Thai food.

Our menu will look the same in the name but the quality will be better. We hope we could deliver our passion of Thai food to our guests tables. We are promise to not cut corner on our food preparation and will keep sources quality products in our kitchen.

If you have a chance to visit Seattle please come try our Menu. Our team will make sure to give you exceptional hospitality memorable time during your visit.

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